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Attack on Titan Episode 80 Ending Explained : Eren Starts The Rumbling !


The latest episode of Attack on Titan has dropped for international fans. Similar to the last week’s episode, Episode 5 of Season 4 Part 2 left fans in need of an explanation. So, here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode ( and The beginning of the Rumbling as well ).

Warning: This section contains spoilers for the latest Attack on Titan Episode.

This week’s Attack on Titan episode starts precisely where the previous one left off. In the episode, we see Grisha talking to Zeke and accepting his mistake of not treating him well. After that, Grisha asks Zeke to stop Eren, and at this moment, Eren pulls Zeke back from Grisha’s memories.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 5 (80)

Zeke tries to understand what happed inside Grisha’s memories. He realizes that Eren manipulated his father by showing him only the memories he saw fit. Thanks to Attack Titan’s powers, Eren knows the future as well, and that scares Zeke. So, Zeke orders Ymir to take down the capability of Eldians to have children. After that, Ymir starts walking towards the Coordinate, and Eren gets out of chains to stop Ymir.


Zeke thinks that Eren’s efforts are worthless because once Ymir starts walking, it’s impossible to stop her. And as soon as Eren touches Ymir, we see the origin story of Ymir. 2000 years ago, Ymir was born witnessing the horror of wars.

Her story begins when she becomes a scapegoat for the people of her village. She’s blamed for letting a pig escape, chased into the woods by the king’s men, and showered with arrows. That’s where she comes across a massive tree with an opening at the bottom. When she enters, she slips and falls into a body of water. But before she drowns, a creature resembling a spinal cord finds her. It merges with her, creating the very first Titan.

                                                          credit: MAPPA

Sadly, Ymir’s newfound powers bring her back to King Fritz. Not only does she spend her entire life doing his bidding, but she eventually bears children for him as well. Ymir remains his slave until her death, and her children are instructed to continue procreating and eating whoever holds the Founding Titan.

                                                                 credit: MAPPA

It’s a tragic tale that leads to centuries of violence for the Eldian people. However, it does make sense of one of Attack on Titan‘s plot points.

Interestingly, Eren thinks that Ymir led him to the paths and that she was waiting for someone to free her from the endless cycle. Finally, we see Ymir breaking down emotionally and giving her powers to Eren.

                                                                      credit: MAPPA

The Rumbling Begins  To End All Life Outside of Paradis Island

After getting the powers from Ymir, Eren transforms into the Founding Titan in the real world. Shockingly, Eren’s transformation immediately starts the rumbling. At first, Armin thinks they’ve won, and Eren has started the Rumbling to defeat Marley. However, he feels that using these many Titans and giving away all the walls is too much to bring down Marley’s alliance.

                                                                                                    credit: MAPPA

At this point, Eren uses the Founding Titan’s powers to communicate with all Ymir’s subjects. Eren reveals that he wants to protect his people, but the outside world won’t stop until every single one of Ymir’s subjects is dead. So, he wants the Colossal Titans to march every inch of the world until everyone outside Paradis Island is dead ( source dualshockers ).

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