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‘The Declaration Of War’ the most rated Episode in Attack On Titan


This article is about the top-rated episode of the Attack on Titan anime in the final season.

If we work together, we can overcome any obstacle in our way! I want you to join me in the fight against the devils of Paradis Island! Here and now, as representative of the Marleyan government, I proclaim… to the enemy forces of Paradis—a declaration of war!  — Willy Tybur declares war on Paradis Island

The Declaration of War is the fifth episode of Season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by MAPPA.

Eren Jaeger
                                  Eren Jaeger


In the basement of a building behind the stage, Reiner Braun finds Eren Jaeger for the first time in four years. He is afraid that Eren has returned in revenge, but Eren is calm and explains that he is here for the same reason Reiner originally came to Paradise Island from. He asks Reiner why he attacked in the first place, and when he gets his point, he comes to the conclusion that both are the same. Given their situation, they had no choice then or now.

Willy Tybur
                                   Willy Tybur

On the stage itself, Willy Tybur presents a theatrical production of Eldian’s story. As it is known to the rest of the world, only to reveal that the true end of the Great Titanic War was created by King Karl Fritz himself, who worked on the family Tybur will present the story of helos. The king isolated himself and his people on Paradise Island and promised to give up a war that would be imposed on his descendants that would protect the world from Titans. Except that the Founding Titan has now changed hands to Eren, who is not bound by the same restrictions as those from the royal family tree. Willy asks the world to join him as he declares war on paradise.

IMDb rating

‘Declaration of war’ episode has a top IMDb rating with a 9,9 / 10.

Attack on Titan IMDb rating

My opinion :

This is one of the best stories ever told, period, with the declaration of war setting the stage for the series finale. It was the best episode of the series so far and it’s getting better.

Overall, “Declaration of War” is a fantastic adaptation of one of the best chapters in the manga, delivering the point of no return for Eren brilliantly.

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