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Which fight you think is the best Naruto Fight in  Naruto Shippuden?

This list of the best 5 fights in the Naruto Shippuden series, based on animation, fighting style, and our personal preference of the characters. Let’s find out :

5/5 Kakashi vs. Obito :

The entire Naruto community was shocked when it was revealed that the Masked Man was none other than Obito Uchiha. The revelation left Kakashi stupified as he realized that his best friend was responsible for starting the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Obito vs Kakashi was a simple yet extremely engrossing fight. It has taijutsu of the highest level as the two fighters tried to get the better of each other constantly.

4/5 Jiraiya vs Six Paths of Pain :

The Tode Sage of Mount Myoboku vs Pain. It was certainly the most emotional fight in the entire series. We all know, Jiraiya could retreat anytime he wanted. But rather than retreating, he continued to fight. He knew, if he was to retreat then, no one would be able to unfold the mystery of Pain.

The fight scenes were on other leagues compared to any other fight scenes in terms of variety. We saw Taijutsu, a Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, six paths of pain, and Genjutsu with great precision. Not a single move was for nothing.

Despite meeting his end, he dies with a smile on his face, knowing he has entrusted his will on to Naruto.

 3/5 Sasuke vs. Itachi :

For a long time, Itachi’s reputation remained that of a bad guy. He killed his parents, clan members, and tortured his little brother. Sasuke spent all his life detesting Itachi and he had only one goal mind, which was to kill his older brother at any cost.

The fight between the two Sharingan masters held a lot of significance; emotions were running high. Once Itachi used his Susanoo, it was clear that Sasuke would lose, but it paved way for one of the biggest plot twists. Instead of taking Sasuke’s eyes, Itachi poked him once again on his forehead. The incident left Sasuke perplexed and with a lot of questions.

2/5 Minato vs Obito :


I might be biased to put this fight this high up in the list since Minato is one of my favorite characters in the entirety of  Naruto Shippuden.

This battle introduced us to the abilities of Yellow flash of the leaf, Minato Namikaze. How he analysis a situation and then acts swiftly. He spoiled Obito’s plan by deciding to fight him first and then dealt with Kyubi. Minato might have been the only one in the village who could have fought against Obito’s Kamui, and he not only fought Obito but also managed to land a Rasengan on him.

At first, Minato judged the timing of Kamui, on the next move he teleported himself in the marked kunai. And then put a Rasengan as well as a marker to his back. Then, when Obito tried to move away from him after getting hit, Minato teleported in front of him as he marked him already. After that, Minato separated Obito from 9 tails fox.

1/5 Naruto vs Pain :

Undoubtedly this is the best fight in the entire series.

Naruto vs Pain carries a lot of emotional weight as it involves two of Jiraiya’s students fighting for their respective ideals. It was more than a clash of fists, it was a clash of philosophies, and it was Jiraiya’s past vs present.

The level of animation in this fight was outstanding, and it’s among the best-animated fights in the series. Naruto’s entry atop the toad remains an iconic scene even after several years.

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