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Twixtor Effect Application Adobe Premiere Pro


In this article, you will learn how to Download and Use the Twixtor Effect in your videos with Adobe Premiere Pro software.

After reviewing this article, you can understand ‘what Twixtor is in the context of Adobe Premiere Pro software’ and ‘how you can use it to create the very professional slow-motion effect of any video footage’. You can make another variation in the video using this plugin.

Effect Description :

Twixtor is one of the plugins software of After Effects software which is used for making slow-motion effects of any video footage by using its exciting parameters.

It also can be used to apply variable speeds on several movie clips for an amazing effect. Another feature is that it can convert different formats, also as change frame rates.

Twixtor is a handy tool in making movies or presentations. If you are into producing movies with dynamic speeds, Twixtor is perfect for you.


Let’s say you have a 10-second video clip that you want to split at different speeds for specific brands. Suppose the 5th second — the 7th — is extended to 4 seconds. You can mark one keyframe as 5th and another as 7th. When you drag actual clips to the bin, choose a keyframe stretching method so that Twixtor only stretches the content enclosed in the keyframes.

Twixtor is a useful tool for making movies or presentations. If you want to produce movies at dynamic speeds, Twixtor is perfect for you.

Download & Installation + More Information About the Effect  :

See this Article.

Application in Adobe Premiere Pro :

The video below explains how to download and use the Twixtor effect, you can already download the effect by clicking here.

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